After Two-year Surveillance, Police Arrest 23 Nigerians, Albanians In Italy Drug Bust

Police authorities in Italy have nabbed  23 Nigerians, 27 Albanians, 4 Italians and 1 Gambian following a crackdown on an international criminal group involved in drug dealing, Albanian Daily reports.

Led by an Albanian man called Gerado Bejaj, and a Nigerian identified as Momodu Sule, the group is accused of moving tons of marijuana and other substances outside and within Italy.

Also in the custody of law enforcement are drugs worth an estimated EUR2 million which, according to lead prosecutor Michele Prestipino, are just the tip of the iceberg. Surveillance on the group lasted for two years, police say.

Momodu and Bejaj are the arrowheads of the criminal group, which has a solid network in Albania through which consignments flowed top-down into the streets of Rome, according to investigators.

An Albanian news outlet says the pact between the Nigerians and the Albanians started in 2010.

On the Italian side, one of the suspects, an unemployed driver, has moved 382 vehicles used by the group in transporting drugs.

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