Again, Trump Makes Bogus Claims About Election Results As News Channels Cut Speech Off

President Donald Trump has again made false claims about Joe Biden stealing the election results.

As he made the false claims, major news channels like the NBC, BBC, Washington Post and others fact-checked him by either cutting away before he finished speaking or notifying their audiences that Trump’s claims are false.

Trump seemed subdued and nervous during the news conference. 

He said, “If you count the legal votes I easily win,” Trump said, providing no evidence for his claim. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.”

There is no proof of this.

The president further said, “I’ve already decisively won many critical states, including massive victories.”

“The pollsters got it knowingly wrong. We had polls that so were ridiculous, no blue wave that they predicted… but instead, there was a big red wave.”

After months of discouraging his base from voting through the mail in a bid to prove that it was safe to go out and vote despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Trump lamented on Thursday evening that the mail-in ballots, which Biden advocated for as part of measure to stop the spread of COVID-19, were “one-sided”.

He said, “It’s amazing how those mail-in ballots are so one-sided.”

“It’s a corrupt system, and it makes people corrupt even if they aren’t by nature.” Again there is no evidence to prove this.

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