Another Man Accuses Oyo Police Officers Of Unlawful Detention, Extortion

A Facebook user who identified himself as Ola Cee has narrated how policemen from Oluyole Divisional Headquarters, Ibadan, Oyo state detained him illegally.

This comes a few days after a young man who identified himself as Oluwaseun lamented the extortion of N100,000 from him by men attached to the police station located in the Ring Road area of Ibadan.

According to Oluwaseun, he and his brother were treated like criminals and forced to pay N100,000.

“So he asked me to unlock my phone but I initially refused. So, they threatened to kill me and my younger brother if I refused to cooporate with them. They brought out a ‘shocker’ (taser), so I obliged. They then checked my phone and found nothing incriminating, but insisted I was a fraudster and was too fresh to be a builder.

“I was asked to pay the sum of N1,000,000 but I told them I didn’t have up to that amount. Later on, they asked me to pay N500,000 even without telling me what I did wrong.

“I begged them but they insisted on collecting N100,000. Meanwhile, my brother just collected over N100,000 he wanted to pay in the bank as his school fees, I think that was what that officer, Ben saw that made him to suspect us. They told us to go and bring the cash and removed N100,000 from it.

“After taking the N100,000 by force, they released us and asked us to go. As I was going out, that officer, Ben, came to meet me and gave me his phone number. Here is the number: 08125758821, he told me to call him anytime I need police assistance. 

“He collected my number as well and threatened to kill me if I informed anybody about what happened,” he had told SaharaReporters.

Commenting on the story on Facebook, Ola Cee alleged he was illegally arrested and detained by men of the Oluyole Divisional Headquarters and that his family was forced to bail him with N10,000.

He wrote, “Similar thing happened to me at the same Oluyole Police Station. They found nothing on me but me changed it to serious film for the officers (sic). Even their OC was amazed by my madness, they asked me to pay N50, 000 and I said I can’t pay than N3, 000; even the N3, 000, I’d call people to transfer to me. They had to lock me up, until my people came the following day and they were begging them to collect N10, 000. I still stood on that N3,000 if not, they should return me back to the cell but my people didn’t accept.”

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