Assaulting A Lady On Live TV Undignified, Female Journalists Demand Apology From Brekete Show’s Ahmed Isah

The Nigeria Association of Women Journalists has demanded an unreserved apology from Human Rights radio presenter, Ahmed Isah, popularly known as ‘ordinary president’, for physically assaulting a lady on live TV over alleged child abuse.

The NAWOJ National President, Ladi Bala, who condemned Isah’s reaction, described the action of the radio presenter as unwarranted and totally undignified.

The assault came to light in a BBC documentary that’s generated much controversy since it went live and widely reported as “BBC unmasks the true face of ‘ordinary president’”.

The video shows him hitting an interviewee in the face on live television. The woman had been invited for questioning in relation to maltreating a child she accused of witchcraft.

Bala said, “From the trending video, it is clear that Ahmed Isah constituted himself into an authority in the administration of justice wherein he charged his victim, tried, convicted and went ahead to administer the punishment as defined and prescribed by him alone. These are powers that neither the judiciary nor the executive arm government does not possess.

“Having taken time to watch and analyse the trending and very disturbing video contextually, NAWOJ hereby demands an unreserved public apology and possibly compensation from Ahmed Isa to the assaulted and brutalised lady.

“NAWOJ believes that a crime cannot be used to justify another crime on the premise of carrying out an investigation that is totally alien to the provisions of the law in any material particular and journalism practice whatsoever.

“The video clip in which Ahmed Isah was seen interrogating the poor lady clearly showed how he not only assaulted her but seriously dehumanised her and reduced her self-esteem to an unacceptable low level of human dignity in spite of her admittance of an alleged crime and equally showed remorse.

“Pointedly put, the action of Ahmed Isah completely negates and contradicts what the human rights station represents.”

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