[Audio+Lyrics] Dynamic duo – Falling For You

Falling For you is an Afro love song with a lot of dynamic harmony. It’s a forever love song with a lot of emotion “Reminding that girl in your heart that no matter what you will stand by her and continue to love her in this world and forever in the next – falling for her over and over again.
It is the first official release of a very talented group of two brothers (duo) called Dynamic duo

You can follow them on IG@Festy.kc  @Henry.xzz ). @dynamics.duo

Dynamic duo – Falling For You Lyrics

i will stay for sure

If you leave I go pursue you

considering what you do girl, I will stand by for you, I go dey for you.


Even if I want to fall inlove,

I’ll be falling for you, I’ll be calling for you

Girl I’ll give my all to you .

verse 2

I’ll be the one for you

I’ll protect you too

Girl, nothing compares to you oou

You be the one I want ooh

Girl I’ll be loving you, until the day I die

Baby I go dey for you

verse 3

i know am in love , but am not sure you go love me too.

Cause I dey borrow pose, I gat nothing ooh

But you gat it all for sure.

Baby forgive ooh, please don’t believe oh

Everything is fine oh , everything is good oh

Girl, yea yea – I dun know for you

last verse

Na love ooh , omo na love ooh.

Even if you don’t know, even if you don’t show. Fall in love oh ye.. Fall in love oh oh oh.

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