Business Owners Recount Losses After Vandalisation Of Properties In Lagos

Business owners at Dalemo Area of Lagos have lamented the loss of their valuable properties which were vandalized by hoodlums on Saturday.

SaharaReporters had reported how two opposing gangs fought over extortion of motorists in the early hours of Saturday in the area.

The quarrel over who would be in charge of the extortion led to the destruction of many shops in the vicinity, as the miscreants capitalized on the curfew imposed in the state, following the #EndSARS protest.

Most of the affected shops were boutiques and bakeries.

“A good Samaritan called me on Saturday evening that they broke the glasses of my shops,” said one of the shop owners that sell electrical appliances. “Thank God, they didn’t steal anything. I was told they were not there to rob. They were just two sets of thugs fighting.”

Another trader, who sells bread, confectionery and pastries, shared a similar experience. “They vandalized my shop,” she said. “They broke the show glasses, but they couldn’t loot anything. These glasses will cost nothing less than N150,000 in the market. This is saddening.”

An eyewitness blamed the government for the chaos, looting and destruction across the state.

“The federal government and the army caused all these things,” he said. “Why did they kill innocent children? Those children were protesting peacefully, and they killed them. That was wickedness. People were angry now, and it caused all these looting and killings.”

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