Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Expected To Give Speech Tonight

Plans are underway for Democratic candidate in the United States of America presidential election, Joe Biden, and his Vice President nominee, Kamala Harris, to deliver a speech at primetime on Friday.

They are both expecting what is being anticipated as a victory speech.

Biden is currently leading in crucial battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, coasting him closer to clinching America’s top job. His running mate Harris would make history as the first female vice president of the US — also the first black person to achieve this feat.

At the moment, Biden leads with 73,708,884 popular votes and 264 electoral votes while Republican candidate Donald Trump maintains a static 214 electoral votes and 69,772,306 popular votes.

It is expected that the votes from Pennsylvania which will solidify his victory with 20 additional electoral votes would come in before the broadcast.

Biden’s wife, Dr Jill Biden, and Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, are also expected at the event.

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