Nigerian Man Could Win Over N100million As Lagos Humanists, Sceptics Organise Test To Prove Supernatural Power

The Lagos Humanists and Sceptics are inviting the General public to a preliminary demonstration for the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group (CFIIG) Paranormal challenge which will hold on Sunday at the Freedom Dark Old Prison Ground, Broad Street, Lagos Island.

This challenge will feature Stephen Olaleye, a paranormalist from Minna, Niger State, who claimed he had supernatural powers. 

Olaleye had applied to the Paranormal challenge with the CFIIG in the United States.

His ability to prove this will earn him $250, 000, Leo Igbokwe, of the Humanist Association of Nigeria said.

Igbokwe explained that the Lagos Humanists and Sceptics will only organise a preliminary demonstration where Olaleye will feature in and prove his claims of possessing supernatural powers.

Olaleye’s ability to do this will get him to the final stage which is likely to hold in the United States and also possibly make him earn the $250, 000 prize.

Igbokwe told SaharaReporters, ”Stephen Olaleye applied to the agency in the US to be tested. He claims to have supernatural powers that he could invoke money from an empty carton and that he could also invoke hair. If he gets an orange, he could make an invocation and when you cut open that orange, human hair will come out of it.

“He sent a video and he put in for a competition, we call it a sceptical challenge which is a challenge by Center for Inquiry Investigations Group (CFIIG) in the US, then they put out this $250, 000 for anybody who could demonstrate in a controlled environment, any kind of paranormal or supernatural claim. Stephen applied so we in Nigeria, we were asked to conduct a preliminary demonstration so he can qualify. 

“This is like the Nigerian edition, Stephen will be coming with his group to have this demonstration and if he succeeds in doing that, he will get to the final stage that might take place in the United States or somewhere in another agreed venue where the team will be there and Stephen will prove his powers.

“When someone makes a claim in any part of the world, the organisation, through their network, tries to organise some tests so this is some kind of preliminary test where Stephen will get through to the final stage where he can win the $250, 000.

“One of us is about to win $250, 000. CFIIG is a humanist, sceptics group based in the US and I have an understanding of the agency, actually, I used to be the Director-General for the CFIIG branch in Nigeria. I have an understanding with them, we are hoping to put out this challenge and hopefully not just Stephen but many other Nigerians who claim to have Paranormal or Supernatural powers to come forward and win a prize for demonstrating this ability. It is an open challenge. We are looking forward to Stephen’s edition and how he will demonstrate this on Sunday.”

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