Nigerian Man Dies In Indonesia Over lack Of Money For Treatment

A yet-to-be-identified Nigerian man has been found dead in his apartment at Tangram in Bali, Indonesia.

The Nigerian was discovered dead on Sunday, February 20. 

Although details surrounding his death are still sketchy at the moment, a journalist, identified only as Okwuluora, who received the videos from a source in Indonesia, on Tuesday, February 23, said the deceased had been sick but had no money to treat himself. 

He said, “Our dead brother’s story is very pathetic. He was actually sick and a proper medical care would have saved his life. I was told he was married with children. According to the same source, a lot of our boys are tired and depressed in Indonesia. Family members, especially married sisters squandered their savings.”

Okwuluora said he was awaiting more information about the deceased.

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