Police Ask Lady Who Claims Uncle Was Wrongly Paraded As Unknown Gunman To Come Forward

The Imo State Police command has urged Queen Elias, a young lady who claimed her uncle was falsely accused and paraded as one of the attackers of Orji Police Station, to come forward and aid the investigation.

Queen Elias, who posted pictures of Casmir Ibe in an office, claimed that her uncle was a staff member of an oil company who lives in Bonny Island, Rivers State and had only visited Owerri to purchase items in preparation for his father-in-law’s burial before his arrest.

She was quoted as saying, “My beloved uncle is innocent. He came back yesterday from Bonny Island with his family because of his father-in-law burial that will hold on Friday, 28th May, 2021. He is responsible and works in an oil company. He came to Owerri early hours of today (Tuesday) to buy some things and was arrested and paraded as an unknown gunman.” 

This has attracted public criticism with many Nigerians condemning the arrest of the supposed innocent man. 

But reacting, the command’s spokesman, Bala Elka, told SaharaReporters that the accused might have been at the wrong place, hence his arrest.

Elkana stated that the young lady, who identified Ibe as her uncle could come forward and aid the police investigation.
According to him, if the young man is proven innocent, he has the right to be released.

He said, “That is why it is called investigation because he was not picked in his house. It is possible he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. If he is not guilty, the investigation will reveal that. That’s why we are taking time. Nobody is crucifying him by saying he was the one that committed a crime. We investigate.

“You were found at this particular place where this thing happened, it’s possible you are a participant or you were just there at the wrong time and it is also possible, that, as a result of being there at the wrong time, he has seen something. So, definitely at the point of questioning, it will help. 

“The lady, who also has such information about him, that’s also a good case. She can come forward and identify him and give certain information. Her statement will help her brother. It is very important that whoever has useful information about somebody, because the person arrested has a right under the law to defend himself, to explain what he was doing at the crime scene. If he is innocent, he will be allowed to go. That is why it is called investigation.”

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