Video Shows Scores Running For Safety As Bandits Attack Niger Highway Before Kidnapping 200 Students

Scores of people can be seen running for their lives in a video showing a bandit attack on Tegina-Zugero Highway in Niger State.

Sources said it is connected to the kidnapping of 200 schoolchildren on Sunday evening in Tegina.

The attack in Tegina happened a day after 14 people kidnapped from Greenfield University situated in Kasarmi, Kaduna were released.

Tegina is not far from the town of Kagara, where 27 students were abducted in February.

In a viral video on Sunday, civilians were seen scampering for safety as people took to their heels on the highway, with parked vehicles beside the roads. 

Some sped off on their motorcycles in the face of chaos.

It was learnt that the bandits first drove away commuters before kidnapping the students. 

The latest abduction of the 200 schoolchildren is the seventh major kidnapping unleashed on young learners by terrorists and bandits in the North, and by extension on the country since the first of such happened in 2014 in Chibok.

Schools have been targeted by bandits and Boko Haram insurgents to kidnap students for ransom as it happened in Chibok, Borno in 2014; Dapchi, Yobe in 2018; Kankara, Katsina in 2020; Kagara, Niger in 2021; Afaka, Kaduna in 2021; Kasarmi, Kaduna in 2021 and now Tegina, Niger in 2021.


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