Yellow Fever Outbreak Spreads To Three Local Governments In Enugu State

The Enugu State Government has said that the Yellow Fever outbreak in the state has now spread to three local government areas.

They are Nsukka, Isi-Uzo and Igbo Etiti.

Dr Emmanuel Obi, Commissioner for Health in the state, said reports have been received of deaths associated with the disease from the areas.

He said, “Following the confirmed cases of Yellow Fever in Igbo Eze North LGA of Enugu State and the concerted efforts to control the situation in the LGA by the Enugu State Government, stakeholders and partners; federal and international reports have also been received of “strange deaths” within communities in Nsukka, Isi-Uzo and Igbo-Etiti LGAs.

“The Enugu State Ministry of Health Rapid Response Team and others have also visited these LGAs to investigate the reports and take samples for testing just as was done for the reports at Igboeze North.

“The new set of samples from these LGAs have been sent to the National Reference Laboratory at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, for a thorough and complete examination to determine conclusively the reasons for these new sets of reports and the results are expected back early this week.

“Yellow Fever is transmitted through mosquito bites.

“Yellow Fever vaccination is not for treatment of Yellow Fever, it is for prevention of Yellow Fever. If you have been recently vaccinated against Yellow Fever, you do not need to be vaccinated again.

“It takes 10 days or more for the Yellow Fever vaccine to start working after you have received it. If you or your loved one are not feeling well, please visit or take your loved one to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“Trained health workers can recognize most of the diseases of public health importance and know what to do.”

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